Online Exam Instructions

Candidates must provide a valid photographic ID during the examination.

Ensure that electronic devices (Laptop, PC, Tablet or Mobile phone) are working effectively.

If you use mobile phone for the examination, Do not attend any calls duringthe examination (Activate Flight Mode).

For remote exam invigilation: Please note that you would either need (two laptops) or (one laptop and one mobile phone) or (two mobile phones) for this online exam process.

The following incidents will be regarded by the invigilators as an incomplete examination:

1. The candidate devices will be monitored during exams; thus exiting the exam screen during the exam and/or using a screen or page not designated for the exam.
2. Not being quiet and not maintaining order during the exam period.
3. Not complying tothe instructions of the course invigilator.
4. Moving, using signals, or changing place;
5. Trying to get help from other personnel or any other electronic device.
6. Deliberately switching off the camera or disconnecting the internet.
7. Claiming that there are technical problems in order to evade the exam.
If you have any questions, mute your device and check with invigilator

Listen and follow the instructions from the exam invigilator.

You can start your exam by entering the Unique Username and Password

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